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Colin Lamond is a qualified European Patent Attorney and the principal of Lamond IP consulting, providing solutions for his clients for over twenty years.

Colin has worked across many fields in the IP business, as a freelance consultant, in private practise, and as in-house attorney and advisor for major corporations in the medical devices and automotive sectors. He loves working with small groups of entrepreneurs and start-ups too.

Originally from a science background with degrees in Physics and Optical Electronics, his technical expertise has grown to include medical devices, software, Internet of Things, and automotive technologies.

I've spent several years in the automotive industry looking electric motor and autonomous technologies, and have researched impact of 5G technologies and patents on the industry.

Lately, Colin has expanded his interest in the technologies that form the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), such as smart manufacturing, Artifical Intelligence & machine learning, Internet of Things, fintech, big data & analytics. He has appeared on international forums contributing to the unfolding IP story of these exciting technologies.

A keystone of Colin's vision for Lamond IP is to provide the knowledge and tools to drive innovation, and to produce better strategies for business to create and leverage their IP. He is proud of the workshops and coaching he has created and performed across all levels to UK and international audiences.


Colin has applied his extensive expertise and insight to help build great portfolios and solutions for his clients, in some cases doubling the IP portfolio content while increasing patent quality. He helped create over eight figures additional profit for one client by analysing and leveraging their patent portfolio in the UK.

He has played a key role in IP planning & development strategies in Europe and further afield, aligning patent strategies with business strategies to create real, relevant IP assets.

He has been involved in every step of the patent lifecycle, starting with planning & development strategies, invention mining & creation, through to drafting, filing & prosecution of patents. This includes providing in-depth due diligence solutions and litigation suppport, both offensive & defensive.


2017 11 16 - Patent Skill Workshop (1).J

Colin believes his value lies in his depth and diversity of experience, providing insight into the key issues businesses face. He uses his capacity to gain accurate and deep understanding of what people do--and why they do it--to engineer unique solutions.  His style is very much hands-on and personalised to what you need.

It is his mission to create advantages and gains for your business, relieving you of the stress and pains of strategising & creating relevant IP portfolio.

Every client is unique, every assignment is unique. Get in touch to see how we can help you...