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Creating powerful changes in IP strategy


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I help people discover and maximise the value in their Intellectual property.

​I focus on creating practical strategies that will generate & protect creative advantages for your business, helping you build successful, meaningful IP portfolios.

We can work from the ground up to help you build and cultivate an effective IP culture, bringing real value to your business, no matter what your needs.

I am here to maximise the quality & relevance of your IP -- and your own skill set: providing you with the essential skills to understand and control your IP is integral to our mission of growing a culture of innovation.

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I'm here to support innovation that creates better technology for the market, and create a powerful, positive change in what people do.

With over twenty years experience in private practise and in-house practise, I'm excited about working to create meaning in your IP portfolio.

I have a wealth of experience across a range of diverse and exciting technologies, from automotiive/ autonomous technologies, to medical, AI, and fintech.

My experience extends beyond the traditional patent attorney space into coaching and training, providing workshops and seminars across Europe for diverse audiences, from technologists at the grass roots level, to executive level entrepeneurs and legal personnel.

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We provide tailored solutions to bring real benefits to the table.

Our sevices work to bring you C-suite level expertise to your business, from creating effective IP strategies and metrics, to teaching you the skills you need that will bring an extra dimension to your business. We build strategies, carry out IP audits, and provide invention mining workshops and other high level IP training.

We can work together to coach and train at any level -- including invaluable chief executive level skills -- that will enhance your in-house IP expertise to new & exciting levels.

We can offer a boutique patent practise tailored to your needs, including in-house board level consultancy services.