From boutique IP services that will build your IP portfolio to director level consultancy guiding your business, Lamond IP is dedicated to your success.

What’s your IP strategy? Do you know your own IP portfolio? Can you list its strengths and weaknesses? How to exploit its opportunities? What might pose a threat to your portfolio?

Increase the IP wisdom of your organisation. I will show you a new level of understanding & appreciation of IP and what it can do for your organisation.

The world of IP can be daunting and complex. Especially when starting out, it can be difficult to make sense of why you’re doing all this work on IP when you have a business to run.

I bring years of experience to help you reach your IP goals: My goal is to bring powerful and practical solutions to your organisation. I create actionable strategies for my clients, big and small, for traditional technologies and new, emergent technologies.

My skill lies in understanding your business and technology. The why and the how, not just the what of your products & services, to work with you to create manageable IP solutions.


Manage costs and expectations, identify & leverage opportunities: understand what you have now, and what you should have, to support your business at every stage of the IP lifecycle.


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IP Consultancy

We create effective IP solutions for your business. We tailor strategies to your needs by drawing on extensive expertise of in-house IP management and private practise across a spectrum of technologies.

We will help you understand and maximise the value of your IP, creating strategies to minimise risks and costs while maximising quality and opportunities in your IP.

We will provide you with practical, actionable advice on developing IP strategies for your business, for the specific projects and programs you are embarking on.

We can provide IP input essential for due diligence functions, so important when considering the true worth of your business and its assets, especially during fundraising ventures--show your investors your true worth. This includes freedom-to-operate opinions, analysing risks and defusing them, and providing cost effective litigation support.

We can generate IP audits to help you understand the state of your art and develop goal-oriented strategies to support specific business needs. This might include best practises for in-house IP functions, or invention evaluation schemes, and general IP management that is not part of your filing and prosecution work--freeing your time, finances, and mind to engage in the bigger picture while maintaining a firm hand on steering and aligning IP to your business strategy.

The Boutique Patent Agency

Tailored solutions for agile technology businesses.

As well as our IP consultancy and training & coaching, we also operate as a boutique patent agency for select clients. We cover the full IP lifecycle, from searching, advice, drafting, filing, and prosecuting patents.

Skills Training & Development

Learn about IP from an expert with over twenty years’ experience. I have delivered seminars and workshops to major in-house functions, covering the entire IP lifecycle and many emerging technologies.

I deliver training and coaching specifically targeted at providing learning to the business, developing and energising your in-house expertise.

I’ve provided masterclasses covering subjects such as Industry 4.0 technologies, including autonomous vehicles, internet of things, and blockchain. I’ve created invention mining workshops across these technologies and others, such as Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs & GUIs), connected technologies, smart factories, among many others.

Every level of business function can be accommodated--not just your tech staff and the core inventors, but I can help expand marketing and other functions understanding of IP best practises. I create tailored coaching programs for management and C-suite level participants, to expanding understanding of IP as specialist business function.

I facilitate workshops on invention mining--discovering inventions in your specific projects and programs.

Understand best practise on invention evaluation, and venture into more the realms of patents and tax relief ("patent box"). Understand the patent lifecycle and where you fit in, what you need to create effective IP strategies, due diligence actions, and more.

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In-House Solutions

When you need hands-on IP advice across the board.

I can create a top-down solution for your organisation's IP function, even operating at board level to provide steering for innovation related practises. I  can operate as your chief IP officer or at non-exec director level, leveraging decades of techincal, business, and legal expertise to help your decision making processes.